And when I bang the table in anger…

Aren’t we due?
If you look at history and our constant cycling of mistakes as a species, people, and/or nation, one thing comes up: some age of Enlightenment. Some span of years made of mere moments where, in some way, we all took a little jump together and became a tiny bit better. Now some can say thats what your looking at now, our new constant and instant info at hand, but really. who has access to it? How many people in this world can really touch across the tubes and get in touch with the rest of us?
It should prove positively low by all accounts, so how can we have anything with.
I think this is part of my denial to be mired in the slop that is our going to shit fast. I have to ask, so when it comes, and it will, I will have at least done that.

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