Hobbits slinging Webs? Pumpkin Bomb Orcs?

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Sam Raimi says he’s open to directing the ”Lord of the Rings” prequel, which could leave ”Spider-Man 4” without a director — and, perhaps, its Mary Jane.

On the eve of what is expected to be the biggest Spider-Man yet, Entertainment Weekly learns that director Sam Raimi is seriously interested in directing The Hobbit, a choice that could potentially leave Spidey 4 without a director — and, says Kirsten Dunst, a leading lady.

What if Peter Jackson directed Spidey 4? A little tag team trade?
I think it’s sort of ridiculous to get on a front about thier never being a different “team” for Spidey. Heck, it could be the next James Bond Franchise, ever evolving and ever changing, different Spideys and Mj’s coming in and and out.

Shee-it, Spiderman 4 might be the perfect chance for that seeing that they already have “trilogy” under their belt, no?
My 2 pesos.

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