Well since everyone and there mother has been going Ape-shit about DC’s throwing the hat into the ring in Webcomics, and the webcomics Blogosphere has just gone and shitted it’s collective pants, I might as well chime in and say “What Up, yo

Now the main complaining points have not been so much the idea of it, or maybe even the DC comics involvement, and most people have seen it as an American Idol for comics of some sort (It’s done, done, and done) with an actual big name behind it giving a chance. I think it’s just been the whole idea that webcomics are being looked at as a way to get in on some ideas, that webcomics have finally been given it’s due, and now big boy is coming along to take a look at it.

So what now?

I think this is all like the IPHONE: don’t buy it now, wait for it to improve and then MAYBE buy it.

My thing is the fact that you’ll probably have to give up any type of commercial control of your stuff, in the small things, like selling buttons or t-shirts or stickers, etc. and that you’ll probably have to be pulled into responsibilities like going to certain cons and attending stuff you may not dig since you know, Zuda rules all.
I don’t think thats horrible, but may be annoying, if you have to get approval for things like this and that, and oh yeah, this, etc.

Myself, I don’t have anything solid right now to go to Zuda with, but when I do, I will, just to see how it works maybe it’s feasible, maybe it sucks.

Theirs a a lot of talk about how they could possibly rip you off too, and steal you ideas. Yes, they could do that, but why? What could they get out of it? These people own Superman and Batman, why would they want MALA FAMA and get sued? They’re in the business of taking money out of wallets by SELLING us ideas, not taking them, so I don’t think it’s something to be TOO concerned about.

I think the main thing is that people have been so lax about webcomics, that now their seems to be real interest on the line for them.

Get concerned in making a good webcomic, thats what you should be concerned about.

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