Everyone wants a piece of the comix…

First Zuda, then Go Phone (They’ve been around for a bit thought) and now Virgin Comics merging with Myspace to make comics? Oh WTF? Every jump on the COMIC BOOK band wagon! Whoo!

You know I don’t want to be the guy whining about a lot of what’s been going on in webcomics and comics in general, and say  that it’s some type of exclusive “thing” to “us” the die-hard fans/creators, or it’s some culture people can’t appreciate, etc, etc, etc.

All this news is to the contrary.

But just look at the state of punk rock : Hot topic, crying, pussy fart, dead, garbage.

I remember when we used to really suffer to get a zine, when we used to travel hours on a bus to go to some far off fucking record store, just to find an Operation Ivy CD.

We suffered for our punk.

Hence why each and every fucking song meant something to us, every damn album was a painstaking ordeal, and every mix tape was ourselves making reality a little bit better for us.

I remember when a Misfits shirt was hard to come by.

Now that shit is gone, and you can download the stuff off the net in a second. Sometimes you don’t even have to pay for it. You’re deluged with video on Youtube, of concerts and videos that you had to by off some fat fuck who smelled like bourbon, tacos, and ass.

And if you want to look the part you just have to go to Hot Topic where they’ll sell you a personality for the low cost of any type of ingenuity and your parents credit.

You know what? Thats fine. That shit if over. Let it die, and be happy you got to experience and go forward. YAY. It’s jsut sad that it’s not there now for the kids growing up. It’s all changed and shitty, made in a little bite sized morsels, and it’s gone in a second. Nothing was made to last forever but this stuff is a joke.

So if this comes to comics, fuck me silly, but that would just be so sad. 

That’s why I’m worried about the future of comics, only because I saw what all the publicity of the “salesmans” can do, like it did to punk rock, and Punk is deader than fried chicken, my friends.

I don’t mind people making money I just hate to see something I love be shitted on for it.

By the way I’m going to San Diego Comic-con next week…screwy ain’t it?

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