San Diego Comic-con Wrap up

So, San Diego has come and gone again, and now it’s time to look on to the rest of the year.

Well, frankly, I am Comic-con-ed out! Whew!

This years was awesome, and it was a first for me. I saw how big it all was last year, but this year? Jesus. No matter how many folks scream at you about how big it is, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!
After all the crowds, all the smells and all the screaming of Comic-con, you did have the Panels, and here is some of the Wisdom from the con:

+ Only at Comic-con can you find people with legitimate eye patches on
that are not pirates.

+ Finish it! Submit It!

+ Before you get that big project you dream of, you need to get
published EVERYWHERE.

+There is a difference between what happens in a story and what a
story is about.

+Proof the fuck out of your books

+If you don’t look at something you did 5 years ago and don’t hate it,
you’re not doing it right

+Comics are Graphic Design and Poetry

+I want my work to be like ransom notes for hostages, people didn’t know
were missing

+ When you’re drawing your characters, that is the only time your touching them

+What you’re working on, that is your work

+Nothing is more Amateur that poor lettering

+Why does this story need to be told?

+Be creative with you idea, but be creative with your business

+You may look at it as a comic, but really you’re creating a business

There was some more stuff, but whatever I didn’t write down on my Moleskine, I really didn’t retain in my brain. It could have something to do with getting out of the con and getting fucking ripped every night.

I’m surprised that I didn’t buy that much loot too, except for some heavy ass Frezzato Albums from Heavy Metal, my bag wasn’t that heavy. I did get a lot of indy stuff wherever i could so i may put something on later on in the week about it.

You can pretty much see all my coverage on here through FLICKr and my Blog.

Ok, time to decompress and get back to work



  1. Haha, I know it sounds like I’m whining like a bitch, but I was just really tired of traveling. I had been all over California this last month and I was just so out of it. I DID have a good time, for sure, but it beats the shit out of you after a while.
    And my jobs is alright, and it was only for the con, so killing may not be needed….maiming? Maybe.


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