Wating patiently for the FEDEX guy

Ordered a new Laptop and was waiting, But now I find out it just left fucking SHANGHAI today, so I have to wait till MONDAY. Fuck. Apple is a bitchy mistress, for sure.

-See this is the kind of shit that makes me wince about the Democrats and Obama himself, when I myself try to champion the freaking guy to hardcore encrusted Republican Cubans

+SO you know I heart Star Wars like anyone but really, really resist geeking out and playing certain games and such only because I want to have free time for things like, oh you know, FUCKING and LIVING, but this, just makes want to go all Jabba the Hut and click away.

+If all else fails, I’m moving to fucking ROBOT island. You heard me ROBOT-fucking-island!

+Today will try to get back on track, since yesterday my back was all sorts of hurt, and got stung by a fire ant on my nuts. Yes, my nads. Hurt like hell. Have you been held hostage by something that is a centimeter big? I was ready to give a wallet to the little devil bastard.

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