Gamer’s Regret…

Great little article in WIRED magazine’s site about “Gamer’s Regret” which is none other that feeling of wasting time playing a game. They even point out WOW and some other games and how that make people feel:

“So the question of the column, and possibly the question of my eternal soul, is: Is this good thing? How much does it change the architecture of your life to spend that much time playing games?

The dirty secret of gamers is that we wrestle with this dilemma all the time. We’re often gripped by what I call “gamer regret” — a sudden, horrifying sense of emptiness when we muse on all the other things we could have done with our game time.”

I understand this completely though I think it all depends on ones options: I remember, at times, when I had nothing to do or really prevalent on my mind, I played for hours on end (this was at the time of the first Metal Gear Solid) and it was no problem. Now when something came up, even as light as say going to a party or hanging out with friends, I would make up a story to stay home and play, and then and only then is when the gamers regret would kick in.

Other games don’t make me feel like that at all. My friend Gerald used to bring over his Game Cube to parties and we’d play Wario or Mari Party all together and it would be a great time. Soul Calibre was another group time burner before we would hit the clubs on Saturdays. I remember at times not wanting to go after getting a couple of rounds. Halo was another devourer of all that temporal.

Is there such a thing as “Group Gaming Regret“?

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