“Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.”-Frank Zappa


+Best quote on Art ever:

“It takes courage to do art. To have the courage of your conviction and do art when perhaps no one else believes in you. When it comes to art, that’s the only talent there is. The courage to overcome. By conflating populism with artistic merit (or Talent or whatever word you choose to use), you are undermining the inherent nature of what art is. There is nothing God-given about art at all. There is the work. And there is courage to do the work.”

+I don’t know whats funnier, the joke or that it’s Europeans freaking

+This can make or break Abrams, (I love the guy now, after watching all of LOST recently)but in the long run, it could be awesome, if he doesn’t go all GODZILLA, and go for that Yuggoth/Cthulu thing in which people sorely needs! I don’t mind the mystery but their has to be a payoff!

+My future home:

it’s so funny, but these remind me of those dynamic drawings you do sometimes as a kid, you know, of you cool home with a sub and a helipad, etc. I wonder if someone really does have a place like this in real life?

+This is odd as hell.…anybody have pictures? How Steampunk is that, eh?

+Freaking Gorgeous

+Ok, ok, ok now what?

+I have to agree with the DRAWN:

Kate Beaton is Hilarious

+I remember somebody doing soething similar with a Goya Painting so to see Klimt is damn interesting


+Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to waste the rest of my morning with this


  1. I think the interpretation of klimt painting could have been done with more taste. By making the images more soft and dulling the lighting to give it a feel of history.


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