Realfield like Lasagna too…

Replace Garfield with a cat and what do you get? A WAY FUNNIER COMIC.

(maybe should find a way to do it with my book)


  1. Haw! I’ve seen Garfield cartoons with all of Garfield’s thought balloons removed, leaving him as a mysteriously smiling observer, but this version trumps that one, handily. I think it’s kind of awesome, to be honest. Thanks for posting it!


  2. The ways people change this horribly unfunny comic to make it funny are stunning. I’ve seen the no garfield one, the no garfield dialog one, and the “lets rearrange the comics in random order!” one. now this one….Genius.


  3. I think this is just as clever as the Garfield minus Garfield comics…Not only does the cat look a lot less cartoonish, but it doesn’t react *AT ALL*…Garfield is too “human”; Realfield is like a real cat, and really shows off the insanity of one who converses with their pet cat…


  4. The irrefutable futility of life itself is made astoundingly clear in these enormously relevant, intensely satirical, and deeply scathing vignettes. I’m nearly tempted to gouge out my eyes, as there can be no greater universal truth then what has been seen here at this time.


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