The Revoltion

The Revoltion, originally uploaded by JuanNavarro.

….Is moist in the back of my throat. The salt and peppered haired crone to one side of me is looking though PARADE magazine talking about all the green products they DON’T Have at home while her Professorish husband seems to find anything and everything to get the hell away from her. They both gave me a “tsk-tsk” as I said the word FAG a little low on the phone talking to my brother about our cousin, who was scared of the ice and snow. Fuck them and that weak shitty liberalistic PC shit. It the FAGGIEST thing their generation gave us, the ability to be weak.
To the right of me is some self defeating young cunt and her shrewd bitch mom, both think that the “CW is hilarious” and probably the soul reason shows like REBA are fucking made. They might their cruise they keep saying. Almost as it someones going to stand up and say “NAY!” Or something. Every chance on the phone they give some shit chuckle as they keep saying they might miss their cruise. Then I noticed they both have ear worms on and are not talking to one another but people. Christ a whole hour and mother cunt and daughter cunt don’t talk. And then they wonder.
I have a fantasy the daughter find a big ol’Rasta revolutionary who gives some mohogany and then opens her to a world of life.
FUCKING SHIT these people
FUCKING SHIT these people.
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