Ah back in Heat and Humidity….

I’m actually enjoying it! LINKS:

+ Maybe, just maybe, the town’s adults and parents are fucking assholes? Just my look at it. I mean it was the same thing it seems in Columbine: a town of fucking shitty dildo people who SHOULD kill themselves, no? I mean it’s a gay shitty way out, and maybe those kids needed some time lost in a Guatemalan Jungle, having things lay eggs in them, to appreciate life.

+ Way to go South Florida, you big stupid sloppy whore.

+I was just reading on the plane, the current issue of Popular Mechanics on UAV’s and  the idea is so vehemently awesome in my mind right now that just to see this come out on PBS/Wired Science site too jsut goes to show that this is jsut going to be imminently the future of many things to come. I can imagine large construction vehicles in this too, clearing fields and brish with thin days instead of weeks because they don’t have to take a break. Or imagine a lawnmower service where you jsut ride up open your gate and off they go, preprogrammed to get grass done, hedges leveled  and more. It’s something I’ll be posting more for sure.

+ I should be drawing but will hit WOW today since I haven’t been on in like a week!

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