Lazy Saturday

Been in my PJs all morning watching the sun melt snow while going through everything on my DEL.ICO.US site, posting on Schmalitical, and researching for some project. Here are some top pics:

+Wrote a little about the CHANGE CONGRESS project and all it’s ideas. It’s very exciting, but I can’t help but feel it maybe targetted or worse, be wildly popular and ignored by the media and/or the general public but at least will have a digital autopsy of us tyring to create change out there.

+Check out IdeaFixa, some great illustration work. So good, it’s got my jealousy acting up!

+I”m digging Barnaby Whitfield, if not only for the great work and concept, but just seeing somebody use chalks Pastels now a days.

+That Kevin Spacey 21 movie is a piece of run-of-the-mill shit, unless they have some amazing writing involved that is not apparent in the commercial.

+This’ll probably be on all this afternoon as I draw….

Now playing: Nine Inch Nails – 28 Ghosts IV
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