Guess what this is about?

I’m just going to comment on the original post and not the rest of the comments going on here:
1. First and foremost, if you have a concealed weapons permit, not matter in any state, you can not be anywhere near a place that serves liquor. You cannot attend any large gatherings with your gun, like a sports game or movies either. Also the actual punishment for violating these things are EXTREMELY hard, and well they should be.

2. You know what, your right, some College student have their head up their ass, I was one of them, but who are you, and me, or us to start telling people that THEY DON’T HAVE THE JUDGMENT TO DO SOMETHING. If we start not trusting each other with our decision making we become fascist assholes pretty quick. You need to educate and make a culture that is educated enough to know better.

3. Again this is judgment call, but as you saw from Columbine (which really had more wounded and killed form the actual police officers and if big fat cover up to other issues) or Virginia Tech (which is a fault in the system of checking Mental health backgrounds for guns, but unfortunately legislature is stuck on that) or Dekalb NIU there really is no real way to defend against an armed attacker other than to attack back. People don’t talk about the Virginian Law School who were able to hold off an attacker after they went back to their cars and took their pistols and held the man off.

Maybe instead of asking for bans on guns and blaming guns, why don’t you ask WHY this happened. Maybe this points to a more sinister problem, like the fact that Mental Health in this country is at an all time horror of a condition, or that Insurance don’t support the real treatment for mental health and only give a band aid of drugs and pills to people when they need real help and interaction.
Where were the parents of the Columbine kids? How can a parent NOT know they were building PIPE BOMBS in their own rooms?
Virginia tech had a man totally cut off form his fellow students a person more a alone who had to create a fantasy for himself, and no one reach out to him nobody helped him or asked “How you doing?”
The shooting at NIU is stilll in the air about the whole situation but the it’s another Mental health situation there too, and again probably linked neglect, ignorance and  human indifference.
The guns didn’t do shit, didn’t do anything, blame people and blame ourselves.. Drunk drivers kill more a year, do we take away cars and alcohol? Pools kills more children in their home than guns do, do we ban pools? No those are fucked up because of us, not them, not you, us, as people, FUCKING UP.
Next time try to talk to you fellow human and say whats up, at least high, like Vonnegut said in Player Piano ”    * In order to get what we’ve got, Anita, we have, in effect, traded these people out of what was the most important thing on earth to them — the feeling of being needed and useful, the foundation of self-respect.”
Instead of chickening out and walking away from you duties as professor, maybe you should stick around and talk to student about your point of view. It’s very easy to walk away form a place that maybe different than you but maybe if you stick around to talk and exchange you can make a difference in it?

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