I don’t know about you….

Am I wrong to think:

…but i’m staying the fuck away from Japan.

Alright let me explain: I feel there had been this recent rush to COPY Japan. Now I don’t say this in a bad way, but I see it as a type of minor disgust idea.

I have nothing against Japan. Love Japan. Japan remains awesome. Yay. It gaves us Manga, Paul Pope, Cosplay, Ninjas, Honor, and the idea Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo, so Japan, awesome. (Imagine him doing a western?) I mean look at this

Anyway, it’s not the Island nation that is the problem, it’s the Poser culture seemingly leeching off the country. And I’m not talking about bad American Manga , but actually in Design and Art. My problem isn’t the actually work but the voice it’s coming from. It’s not you’re own, and you’re willing to sort of walk right over it to emulate something else. meh.

I myself know that various cultures can come in to ones mind without even noticing it, but it’s good to be conscious of this. Know what your going to put to paper before hand, if not get lost in the jumble. Find a voice form where YOU come from, and people will probably listen.

Now hey I could be wrong, but then again, suck it.

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