Hi-fructose vs. Juxtapoz

I’m a magazine freak. I think I have like 7 subscriptions and I still pick up stuff at airports and bookstores all the time.

Art wise, I’m pretty wide open magazine wise. I pick up whatever I find of interest be it by the artists or the articles it covers. It’s funny, but like Playboy, yes, I do read them for articles, and yes, Playboy does have good articles.

Juxtapoz, at one time, had this really huge tour-de-force attitude to it, and was just opening eyes with sooo much of the shit they had going on. Maybe it was, because of the time, all very new. I remember when Robert WIlliams also ran a magazine called “Art Alternative”, and featured article on S.Clay Wilson and talked about “Outlaw Art” like Tattoos. Now this is back in like 94′ or so, so I’m reaching. Heck, I remember either it was an ad or an article on an Up and Coming Mark Ryden for pete’s sake. So Jux had that about them, they were a doorway to a scene people didn’t were going on and I don’t think it’ll be long before history may even label this time in art, at least in that side, the Outsider Art scene and such. Only recently has the magazine been a little weak for me. Some artist they cover feel that they have been covered a million times, or the fact certain artist SATURATE the web with their work that by the time it finds itself in a magazine, you don’t really care. Then maybe it’s the art a don’t the magazine, right? I mean who gets tired of good work? On special note though: Their special photography issues are incredible and show amazing work every YEAR. That I never miss.

Hi-fructose seems to be a whole different type of monster, seemingly involved in the more illustrated/print market, and sort of looks at design. They have been introducing some key artist and I give a smart nod with their recent interview with Paul Pope, just because i think the guys is the best Comic Maker out there right now. I’ve only read 2 issues of the magazine but both have been very satisfying in showing and speaking about art and at the very least, doesn’t pander to a label of any sort. So it’s something to keep wathc for.

So then which magazine should I buy? Well both, because it’s only about 12-15 dollars and I have a job so fuck you very much. Both are good, read them and get them in your brain but remember: fuck the magazines, go to the galleries, museums and whatever else and look for the art you love because really, to get your art from a magazine it sort of like jerking off, no?


One response to “Hi-fructose vs. Juxtapoz”

  1. Extremo Avatar

    They are both pretty good magazines I agree.


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