The other night a group of friends came over, and we just chatted it up in inane crap here and there. You know how it is now everyone starts talking about the election and high minded ideals, and utopic blathering come about. I think I get this from my childhood friends but I tend to play devils advocate in many of these conversation. We were being all fucking liberally and shit, talking about health care and all that, but I just halted the whole circle jerk of a farce yelling “IF OUR VOTES COUNTED”

Sure, now that I pissed in the cereal bowl, nobody wanted to eat it. There was rants about this about that, about how elections have been robbed by the current administration etc, etc blah-blah-BLAH.

VOTING IS SO FUCKING POWERFUL. But only when people count them! My main idea here is that, thanks to Florida, the Wang of these Great United States, in their incredible corruption filled ways, handed over the election to Republicans and discounted thousands of votes, we not only should have been up in arms about it, hell, we should should have BURNED SHIT DOWN.

Wait for it…

Now what happened was a bickering match of immense pussy proportions over the votes, the counts, the chads all that. What really should have chapped our collective poop chute is the fact that they didn’t count certain votes. But see the Republicans know how to play this game, and they play race card better than the minorities in this country know how to play the race card! Instantly it was about Black Votes not being counted and in the media obvious racism, didn’t become news.

Now this was smart evil-as-fuck tactic on the Republicans; once the discounted votes were established to be Black, well then it wasn’t our votes being fucked it was their votes, and the rest of America said “OK” holding the Vaseline to be rammed by it.

Now where I start saying we should BURN THIS SHIT DOWN is when that happens. All votes must count and whenever your hear and/or see when folks divide and slice and dice voting into these pockets of America be they Rich Old Jews or Liberal Millionaires or Poor Hispanics or whatever, it is tactic to box you in, to get you to vote a certain way. It’s masters of the of the Race card, like the Republicans, using it as crowd control. They now can divert and fuck with your votes, getting you to think a certain way getting to vote a certain way.

Whenever ANY vote in this country, in ANY place is not counted, BURN THE SHIT DOWN. We are all Americans, and I believe, in my heart of hearts, that we are starting to see that It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, Immigrant or natural born, religious or otherwise, it’s OUR vote, and when any of us fine fucking Americans get handed that jar of Vaseline, we should really, not metaphorically, not in “spirit”, but really, go out of our way find the voting booths, AND BURN THE SHIT DOWN.

(Also, all you young hipster douche bag fuck wads out there saying you don’t vote, or don’t believe in voting on some high minded back hand cock knock principle: we’ll THROW YOU IN WITH THE FIRE. If you don’t have a voice, we don’t need you.)



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