“Let them be fucked by MAGIC!”

Now you know the line of an upcoming Graphic Novel of mine.

Originally Dragonbreath was going to be an online comic, much in the same way that ZOMBIE YEARS is, weekly installments, with a web page and overall awesomeness of it all.

But then I got thinking…

I have no editor, at the moment, and I  have no real deadline, all I have is time and the page. Why no go for a whole graphic novel? Why not go for a BOOK. Thinking about that alongside the hurdle of what the story was going to be, I thought that taking a year to make a Graphic Novel would work, would make a product that is one whole of an effort. So now I’m writing the script for it.

First, a name change: Dragonbreath. As cool and as METAL as that name is, once I decided to go for Graphic Novel, it just didn’t have the same energy for it. On top of that, I was actually sorta beat to the punch by another artist using the same title. I hate having any sort of confusion so I’m going a different direction.Mermoz_1

BASTERDS AND WENCHES” is going to be a bit of a nod, a slap, and tickle to good ol’ Dungeons and Dragons and fantasy in general. It’s going to be energetic to say the least, and hopefully funny while delivering a good story.

It’s going to be about a fantasy world, where all the fantasy HAS BEEN DONE. Thats it, it seems we’ve traveled and done it all, saved the princess, defeated the empire, and thrown the ring into the volcano, all that shit, and yet, when left to our own volition…..we’re jsut sitting on our ass waiting for the end.

Talk about a freaking parable.

It stars a pair of the nicest Scumbag losers you could know, Mermoz and Ridlee, asshole of the Underworld, and there adventures in Debauchery and just being…well.. assholesRidlee_1.

I know i’m not breaking any new ground or exceeding the limits of a genre with this idea, but I think in the execution and some dick jokes, will makes all the difference.

I may even set it up in some way to have a D20 Supplement in the back of each book. O f course then I would have to figure out what edition since by the time I finish it, which will be like what? 8th Edition? PPFFFT.

So stay tuned as I will be updating here and there as I go. Oh I will still be working on Zombie Years, TOMMY, and VIGIL while this happens…BRING ON THE PAIN.


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