Back in Miami, Hit the Ground Running or DIE.

Moleskine Sketch from the Airport

Sort of like in Metroid, when you fall into the Lava, and your meter starts going down and all you do is freak out, smashing buttons to escape

That’s where I’m at.

Working on wrapping up Zombie Years for the year, which will be in January. I hope to put a nice 8 part short in there as a buffer for me while I work on some others projects (TOMMY, Dragonbreath, Steampunk Magazine)  and Act 2 of the series for next year.

Also working on a script for a short film, which may give away to a feature film, depending on what’s on the table for us, this coming year at Creature as far as film. We have plenty of comics to do, that’s for sure, but the film side has been bogged down with the usual stuff, so we want to get our pace again with a new film. Maybe we’ll do a comedy (that’s what i’m working on) or go into another  crime noir flick. We’re meeting soon, just to discuss the next step. it’s both aggravating and endearing the fact we have such great talent here and yet every little thing is pain in the arse to get done, it’s like shitting a Yugo. I guess thats just a fact of art, no?

Working out the VIGIL/Broadsheet project. It’s a very EXPANSIVE way of story telling, so I keep going back on it. Maybe a one-shot maybe a series, it all depends…

Have 2 or 3 crazy ideas I’m filing away for later with one that will be the spare time filler. It’ short and sweet, and hopefully, fucking HILARIOUS.

Also, I’m set up for a full ink series. Would be cool to have somewhere to show it once I’m done, maybe during Art Basil but if not….well fuck it then.

Trying to see about attending the Miami Book Fair comics courses thing, going on this Friday. I signed up for it, but didn’t think I would manning shop alone this week, so I think I’m shit out of luck. We’ll see, maybe i’ll go rape a Leprechaun or something. BLURG

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