Democratic Republic of Beer – Miami, FL

After a night out on the Wynwood Art Walk, and bumping into some friends, we decided to hit this place, especially after I was told of numerous beers and such. We decided to sit outside so we could smoke and all that.
Overall, very good service, attentive staff, and yes, A SHITLOAD OF BEER. I had the Fullers ESB,(if Batman drank, an I bet he does, it would be this….or Kryptonian Scotch) which I love and some sips of Xinga, which is good but super sweet for me. ( it’s like Malta and Beer)
We also had some wings, and they were pretty good. It’s funny that the “spicy” wings were the Asian wings, and really that’s not that spicy. But tasty, so not bad.
Very good place to hang out, but my two things SORT OF suck, but it’s not really a big deal: Parking for 5 bucks is kinda weak, but it’s the norm now a days. The other thing is that if you sit outside, you will have front seat to MIAMI CONSERVATORY OF HOMELESS PEOPLE THEATRE and hear so many “I just need a quarter to get on the bus, to see my dying mother” (A quarter, really that would end your troubles, that would ended the fact you smell like a wet open ass, and look like a dead rat used to wipe a donkey’s ass?)and so you may get bothered by this on occasion, though it’s not a big deal, because, well it’s the freakin’ norm in Downtown

Here my “Safe’ review on Yelp of Democratic Republic of Beer – Miami, FL.

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