Everythings Amazing and Nobodys Happy…

I remember seeing that interview of Louis CK on Conan O’Brien and thought it hit so many level on the head! I was amazed by it. Damn. It hit on so many attitudes, and it really explains a lot.


And it’s even more ridiculous now with all the mods going on with the Kinect.  Some of the interfaces are  interesting in the idea of just interaction while others pose questions about identity in the future and what we’re going to be doing, or better BEING. I’m amazed. This is fucking Jet Pack kind of shit.

I mean first it allows a whole way to interact. Now You could say “But Juan, you can jam a Wii control p your ass and do the same.”  And well….yeah, maybe, but still you have to look at your fingers right now, across that keyboard. That is the center point of control for you. That Mouse or Touchpad, that keyboard, is the nexus between you and the net. You know how much control you have, what limits are imposed. What if you had your whole body? What if by your stance you could control your machine better, approach things better? I mean how much control will that be ?!?

Gaming is the fuel of this, hell yeah, all for it, but imagine being able to design and interact and put together things with it? What if you could make your motion capture movies with this?

We already use video conferencing now between the I[hone 4 and Skype, but what if you could be a character? You could be freaking Sonic while talking to somebody being Mario? You could try on clothes through this and see if they fit! I think it has so many applications it’s ridiculous.

Vaya, we have a long way to go, I know. We’re just cracking that egg now, but when something is so open to options, you can’t help but dream. For me as an artist, I can only hope to get another tool, another way to interact that would bring things even farther up, even more closer to the ability to realize more. Or like so

And since things like Home Fabrication and POD are going strong also it would just take an excellent platform to cross those two.

Now i just wonder who will come along and sabotage this?


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  1. juannavarro Avatar

    Also seems this is getting Allotted here. Resource of all KINECT HACKS


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