He was a Hero, A Prince, and Now…

I have a secret admiration for Fan Fiction. And I’m not talking about Starscream and JAZZ torrid moaning for a boning, no, but cool realizations and visualizations of characters, real Doujinshi sort of stuff. This is a sketch that is part He-man, part Game of Thrones, which I just finished reading. Incredible book. The beginning is a little hard to get into, but after 50 pages it’s just a fucking GO. I’m already hunting the second book.

I could totally see an aftermath to He-man, something with the Masters looking for him, and maybe he’s mad in the head, there is no He-man there is no Adam, but in the end he’s still this powerful warrior that everyone fears. The Masters have started to fight back against Skeletor on their own terms, new Masters arriving, more violent and crazed and sometimes you could confuse them with the Villains. Skeletor in the meanwhile has gone ascetic, and is trying to attain now power beyond ruling Eternia, bored with the idea of it now. I would even show his thrown being made out of Hordak. Hmmmm….


  1. Prepare yourself my friend… George R. R. Martin will tangle you in his plump pinky. Before you know it, you have subscribed to his blog for updates on the release of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS…only it’s four years past due and all Martin writes about is college football and the HBO special… so you end up cursing at your google reader for him to bloody get on with it! sigh… at least you can read excerpts from the book! 🙂


    • Ha! I just finished the first book “Game of Thrones” and taking a break with a Steampunk book (Dreanought by Cherie Priest) but will get back into it later.
      I’m a fan of the Imp Tyrion Lannister right now. Yes, he’s an asshole hence WHY I’m a fan.
      The show looks good so far.


      • Tyrion is by far one of the best characters! I’m also a fan of Daenerys and Jon Snow… and Arya… and Bran… even Ser Jaime Lannister… 🙂


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