PROPHECY: The RePosters are coming

After working on a project for a very private and semi-famous group, I was sort of pissed that I could not garner more info about certain members. It wasn’t on Wikipedia, wasn’t on USEnet or any blogs or websites.They kept there lives a closed book. Which is fine, as it should be. But it was a bit maddening for some reason to me. To look on the net, and NOT see something at least a piddly wiki entry, felt like the internet didn’t do it’s job, like someone dropped the ball. Like it was someones job to post it up.

That when it struck me that this was something that could become a thing… a mutant… a CULT.

Oh yes.

I imagine a  contingent of people, almost a Cult, that take the whole “Information should be Free” and runs with it like a religion. They would want to POST ALL YOU INFO up, everyone would be represented and the prizes would be Secrets. No more lie would be there chant as they moved about grabbing and posting for everyone to see., like some sort of Maniac . It’s reverse Inquisition, instead of burning Knowledge, it would also share Knowledge, and share BY FORCE if necessary, MAKING YOU LEARN stats and figures and facts that may actually have nothing to do with anything.

I could see this happening in 10-20 years but the seeds might be planted now, the first meetings and writing and philosophies might come down. We just need one good solar flare and there might be a whole rush to HOARD information. There maybe faction to this, some would be militant, maybe some would benevolent. I can imagine something running around like a Brainiac and just taking knowledge, but instead wantonly sharing it, even in a way you don’t want. NO SECRETS, NO SUFFERING.

It reminds me of those cults in Planescape too or better:

They would have a look like the Librarians of the Space Marines in Warhammer 40K: Large armored cyborgs dispensing knowledge in Horrendous volleys of figures, upside your head. They wouldn’t be nay secrets that’s what they would go after in the end, that would be the extremists, everything is known and hence, you should not suffers.

Hmmmmm….. I’ve started to like that. Shit.

PROPHECY is just a part of my blog where I see certain trends or events going on and then just imagine them in the future something would take or snowball into a new form. It’s just my freethinking with a small amount of ESP, that comes and goes. That all. wink.

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