So I will be a bit absent form the blog for a bit. I maybe put another roster of sketches before I go but seeing that it’s coming down the wire, well, that just might not happen. But until then let me explain why:

MIAMI, FL – CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT a South Florida based Comic Book and Film Production studio, is going to be attending SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON, one of the biggest comic book and multimedia entertainment convention in the world, along side such publishers and studios such as Marvel, DC, Warner Bros, and so much more. This is the first time the company ventures into the West Coast, and first time attending a convention of the magnitude of SDCC.

After an amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign back in May, and after being accepted ahead of others due to the prowess of the company in both Film and Comics, Creature is getting to finally stretch it wings and show what the company can do.

At SDCC they will be unveiling many new comics, including RAVENOUS, TOMMY, DONNIE GOTH, while also showing new issues of the the GUN, ZOMBIE YEARS, and FORGIVE ME FATHER.

You can find Editor-in-Chief Juan Navarro, Publisher John Ulloa, Filmmaker Anthony Dones, and head of Production Julio Alvarez at Creature Entertainment’s booth at Q-05 this coming 12th through the 14th, at the San Diego Convention Center.

It’s time  for the world to see what this Creature is made of!

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