Now of course, you may have seen this running around the net this last week, and if you haven’t, go see it; it somehow manages to make Squids even COOLER so just on that basis go see, listen and watch.

Did you watch?

Okay, now imagine your own skin doing this. Yeah imagine a girl having an eye shadow doing the same thing, or the neck or back of a guy on the dance floor, this undulating sub-dermal tattoo moving and responding to an outside stimulus like music. I see it. I see it, for sure. Maybe it would take 10 years for it to be as applicable as some type of injection, a string or RNA/DNA you put in and goes away like a cold afterwards and your ready for the next implant. It’s being pursued in other ways this just gives me something else to frame it in, in my mind.

I said it first.

FUTURISM is my bane attempt to look into the future using some info and my imagination as a crystal ball. Will it happen? Who knows, but lets think about it…..

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