One thing this past Olympics had that was exciting was the amount of technology being used. It wasn’t even what was used to WATCH the game but in the games, and of course one thing I saw pretty bad ass was the use of prosthetic on the field. I thought about the parallels between these athlete and stock car racers were more in line than traditional Olympic sports. Nah, these guys were on the verge of something. It’s getting to the point people are starting to have advantages over able-bodied people thanks to the prosthetic and begs the question if we’re heading into the Cyberpunk world we’ve been fantasizing about where we trade limbs for products, enhancements, even weaponry

I could see this easily becoming like a stock car racing where you not have the driver/pilot/athlete but also an engineer and his pit crew a the helm of it all. Maaaaaaaaaan.

As for this mess, I can understand Oscar, but maybe his engineer of his prosthetic should have checked out the limits and what advantages they could have played. Maybe competing with non-handicapped Olympians means one set of legs but against other Para-Olympians you got to bring your A-game Famula-1 legs!

Of course, I got to far and already try to think about house their 50MM gun arms and anti-missile chaffs in their shoulder blade, but I make comics, what the fuck else am I supposed to think about?

Oscar Pistorius loses gold medal race, blames it on opponent’s use of technology.

FUTURISM is my bane attempt to look into the future using some info and my imagination as a crystal ball. Will it happen? Who knows, but lets think about it…..



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