(Aw Geez, that title was cheesier than hell but I couldn’t help it)

Besides the fact that this is gonna be an awesome aerial industrial rebirth thing, there is a bit of FUTURISTic thinking, because as far as the environment goes, the next frontier may just be the sky. This news comes in time with the announcement of the rising tides, flooding in New Orleans, more powerful hurricanes, and just the environment going to shit in general, and I think the next Noah’s Ark will be a flying one (oh snap there is a comic idea there if i ever saw one! A lighthearted manga with twist and…whatever) .

Imagine taking to the skies just as the world slinks away into the blue water. Now the one problem one could see is that high winds and strong storms would play hell on such a ship, or am I wrong, could blimps stand up to such things? I mean it’s easier to think that we could survive on the water and just have huge cruise liners out there to plow through this…ugh I hate to even say IT… but this Waterworld (Que Guava ese pelicula) but we can do better than THAT right? Super light, super tough airship taking to the sky covering the world and helping humanity get through it’s next great age as the old world drowns. (LET ME BE POETIC IN THIS)

Other than the practical economic reason there are wide arrays of ideas and outputs for the Airship now, with fuel getting higher and higher, and goods needing to cross wide range as always, it owuld be neat to see this things navigating at 10,000 feet across the land, like air tuckers delivering goods to… well anywhere really!

Until then there are some schools and possible careers in the future of Zeppelins and Airships. Could we make a personal airship, like an Airship RV? Could it be a consumer product made for the whole family, or someone who says FUCK IT and takes to the sky? Damn I’m just bursting at the possibilities!


An airship boom in Southern California – Boing Boing.

FUTURISM is my bane attempt to look into the future using some info and my imagination as a crystal ball. Will it happen? Who knows, but lets think about it…..

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