I think I’ve watched every episode and clip on COMEDIANS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE, end to end, and I think the Alec Baldwin episode above, like twice. I always thought in my head, where I delude myself in thoughts of grandeur to help me cope with ever crushing reality that we live in, that when I got older, into my 40’s or 50’s, I could hope to be as cool of a man as he is, to be as collected and fucking ON IT like Alec Baldwin. Proof of that is the fact that in this conversation between him and Jerry, he’s the entertainer, he’s making Jerry laugh and to me, to see such an awesome and consummate (is that the word?) comedian laugh and be as enthralled as I am at the twist and turns Alec is saying, his delivery, his BADASS-NESS as much as me, says it’s a good goal to strive for.

There are a good couple of episodes here so this could be LUNCH TIME for the week ( which would make up for nothing on Monday, Sorry about that) but I’m still finding other short gems here and there. Till then, I’m going to try my best to have Blue eyes, and recite lines from Glengarry Glen Ross

LUNCH TIME is going to be my attempt to entertain you during your lunch break with something to watch/listen/read while you chow down. That what I do at least! Enjoy!

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