LUNCH TIME: Hey it’s our Jewish friend, Sarah!

No matter your political background, this is pretty fucking hilarious...

Now that being said, it is REALLY FUCKED UP what the RNC has done to eliminate people having access to vote. It’s a heavy handed ploy to ensure a victory. You know what, I won’t even say that it’s racist, it just motherfuckers being MOTHERFUCKERS. So please instead of being some apathetic ass spouting shit like “VOTING DOESN”T COUNT” and “THIS IS ALL A SHAM”, and “THE ILLUMINATI WANTS TO CONTROL US” go and actually vote for once, OKAY? Then you can go back to taking bong hits between reading Infowar articles, and picking Cheetos out of your belly button…

LUNCH TIME is going to be my attempt to entertain you during your lunch break with something to watch/listen/read while you chow down. That what I do at least! Enjoy!

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