EVENT: MONSTER MASH @Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery –

Come on out and support the nearly 200 local artists exhibiting in this show!! Costumes encouraged for festive fun!!Opening Night Artist Reception: Friday, October 5, 2012 from 6-10pm
During the opening you’ll be able to enjoy the food truck stylings of the “Best Food in the Shire”! They’ll be parked out front for the evening serving up tasty burgers and sammiches! 🙂
Site: www.friartucks.me | Twitter: @friartucksfl | Facebook.com/friartucksfl

Monster Mash: A mega group art show inspired by monsters.Bear and Bird’s Bi-Annual “South Florida Locals Only” Exhibition!

On exhibit: October 5 – November 17, 2012

Featuring artwork by: Adam Milyanovich; Alex Merly; Alexandra Kump; Alexis Lopez; Alicia Jones; Alvaro Diaz-Rubio; Amanda Valdes; André Genisoa; Andrea Lezcano; Andrew Chadwick; Andrew Higgins; Andrew Sticht; Annimal; Ari Vitor; Arun Balmick; Barko; Bianca Picou; Bobbi Laine; Bobby Neal Furedi; Bong Redila; Brandy Rumiez; Brendan Brick; Brian Zambrano; Carly Weasill; Cassidy Cook; Cayce Moyer; Chastity Lynch; CHNK; Chris DeMaria; Christine Delgado; Christopher “Odde” E. Hinkley; Chun Lo; Claire Thompson; Coco Ramb; Crafty Dork; Cynthia Lechan Goodman; Daniel Vila; Danielle Bayrami; Danny M. Kidwell; Danyelle Fitzgerald; Daryl Hyman; Dibbie Jane; Dina Alrifai; Dinah! Caldwell; Dumb Kunst Studios; Dustin Wilson; Edau; Eden Clare; Emily Rimada; Eric Fernandez; Eric Gonzalez; Eric Krempa; Eric Manrique; Eric Young; Franchesca “Chez” Gomez; Francheska Torres; Gabriel James; George Hartman; George Herrera; German Nino; Gina White; Grant Roberts; Gregory Dirr; Haley Lynch; Heather Doucette; Howard Baum; Ian Santos; Ivan Jorge Roque; Jaime Elizabeth; James Gan; Jamie Bey; Jamie Ryscik; Jamie Schaub; Janice Lumm; Jasper Cash Dunn Nolan; Jennifer Love Gironda; Jennifer Suarez; Jeremy Wallace; Jessie Prugh; John Cliff Alvarez; Johnny Winslow; Jon Hunt; Jon Rice; Jonathan Jackson; Jonathan Jaffee; Jorge Palomino; Josh Auerbach; Joshua C. Moncada; Joshua Shaw; JR Linton; Juan Navarro; Julia Ann Caruso; Julia Constantinides; Kaitlin Carroll; Kandice DeMaria; Karl Johnsen; Kat King; Katie D.; Kelly Holt; Kerry Sisselman; Keshaunda Parrish; Kristen Cruz; Kristin Frenzel; Kristyn Michele Bat; Kyle Griffis; Lacey Gomez; Laila Jasmin; Lailee Goodman; Leanne Smith; Lindsay Watson; Lisa Rockford; Lorelei Murray; Lorenzo Mohammed; Lorraine Lowe; Madison Brody; Malika Lim; Manda Micro; Marie Soulet-Messina; Matt Naddy; Matthew Gayle; Matthew Perez; Mauricio Borbon; Maxwell Faria; Melissa Charlene; Melissa Eschbaugh; Melly Pereda; Michael “Burbs” Borbon; Mike E. Cheese; Mollie Frodge; Monique Garcia; Monky; Morgan Whitworth; Moxie Nox; Ms. Vaughan; N! Satterfield; Nakia Xavier Mann; Nancy Marie; Natasha Bonham; Natasha R. Clark; Nathan Lumm; Neil Hamburger; Nick Doodle; Nicole Ward; Night Rider; Nomiie Nation; Norma Soulet; Oliver Perez & Stephanie Cuffel; Patrick Keane; Paul Benavides; Phongthep Jinapornphayap; Preston Freeland; Rachel Reh; Randy “Captain” Guerra; Richie Christian; Rochelle Blum; Rosanna Pereyra; Ryan Black; Sabrina B.; Samantha Lowe; Sarah Huang; Sarah J Winslow; Steven Holoubek; Stitch Of Whimsy (Sara Leigh); Tamara Wagenknecht; Tanya Lopez; Tara Penick; Tay Tay Fabio; Teepop; Tevokkia; Tia Scaltsas; Tina Lasorsa; Tish; Todd Nolan; Tony M. Baker; Vilonious; Vincent Grotesque; Wen-Ju Chien; Westley Cedeno; Zeda; Zombie Hunter & more!


  1. […] Sorry folks but Zombie Years will be up tomorrow, since I was sort caught short with getting some Kickstarter Rewards out and some other freelance. I’m at the inking stage and as much as I just say “fuck it” and phone it in, decided it would be better to take an extra day and get it done right. Please be patient and until then, here is a look at the painting I did for Bears + Birds “Monster Mash” show… […]


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