143 min  –  Action | Adventure | Crime

They Pass the Baton… or really the Exploding Pen to the next Troupe in the James Bond Franchise, and they pass it WELL

Caught a Sneak preview last night at the Regal South Beach of SKYFALL, the newest James Bond film, and I have to say, I REALLY DUG IT. It seems now the Bond Franchise is reinvigorating itself, with not so much image, since it keeps the allure and presence that is a James Bond Film, but with the inner workings, the approaches to Bond. These are sprinkled throughout the films, and they are high points ( believe me you’ll see them) but some lower cues here and there that point towards a more Serious and Sentimental 007, an aging champion of Britain, who hangs on, even when his own country may let go of him. There is changing of the guard in this movie, but it’s the changing of the mindset that is the most interesting.

Now as for the Action? Damn. Chase scenes were as always, Bond level and just awesome, thought Hand to Hand I felt a bit lacking, but overall they were intricate and high energy without getting lost or jumbled, or even worse unfathomable. Now, yes, they were some guavas here and there, but it wouldn’t be Bond if it didn’t, right?

Javier Bardem was just f*#king Brilliant, he didn’t come in like big Bond villain but more like a slip of blade to the ribs, silent and poignant and after a while you start to laugh at how insane he really is. Really, he played the villain perfect, the classic Bond villain, who sometimes, you may not cheer for, but you like them anyway.

So I had a great time, and really surprised and now re-energized to watch more Bond film, which I have admit I haven’t felt about them since GoldenEye. Heck I even want to watch Quantum of Solace again to see cues, and Q’s of this new approach for Bond, so go see it. While you do that, I’ll have a rum and coke… not shaken, maybe slightly stirred?

Wow, that didn’t sound as cool.


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