FWACATA Sketchbook 104

(FLJ WAS: Arthur King aka KING, Gargirl, Eureka, The Battery, Bodie, OS, John Kilroy, and the Graph.)

A long time ago when I was doing VIGIL on Graphicsmash, I wanted to make a whole world around it, to draw form, because of that I started thinking about Government Sponsored Superheroes, but I thought wouldn’t it just be a bureau? So the FLJ was born. Of course this was in a more infantile mind, and since then so much has happened in comics, that this ground was already covered (Authority, New Avengers, The Outsiders) and I’m writing it more like a police procedural, self contained in each issue, yet with a far spreading arc, in the vein of TOP TEN but more of down to Earth,like Ex-Machina. It’s these type of Sci-fi/Superhero/Fantasy stories, where the Fantastic just helps drive the story and the drama, but is not the center of the drama, that I really love.



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