SKETCHBOOK: Sticks and Stones

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FWACATA Sketchbook 109At one time I was developing an RPG/Comic Book called Dragonbreath, which had the first issue drawn out. I wasn’t sure of it too much and had ever evolving changes through out, but I want to do in the vein of Skullkickers, Oglaf, and Downer comics. Kind of a pulp Fiction/Inglorious Bastards meets D&D with a touch of crazy. At the same time I was in love with the Eberron Campaign settting which to me just presented so many new ways to use magic and fantasy and create some insane shit. Obviously this made me fall in love with the Warforge, magical golem (robots really) with sentience who have gained there feeling. Since they were made with bits of things at times not just metal I wanted to create a pair of assassins, Sticks and Stones who, reflecting their material properties, used ti to enforce their brand of violence for the right price. As you can see I’m a sucker for word association and all that, so thought that would be neat. I think i even had stats for these guys in 3.5 for a campaign but never got use them against the players.

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