SKETCHBOOK: Another Moleskine, another cover…

FWACATA Sketchbook 139When I was still using the hard cover, think pocket moleskine, I always had to do something to the cover, until around this time, where I had a torn piece of a xerox I did of a photograph from a parade I saw in Mexico. I think all these analog processes, like photography and xerox, did so much for a piece, they gave something to it, that I don’t find in he sterile accuracy of Photoshop. Not to complain I love it, but I miss the hand made at times.


2 responses to “SKETCHBOOK: Another Moleskine, another cover…”

  1. Benjamin Smith Avatar

    There’s something highly cool about this, but I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is.


    1. juannavarro Avatar

      I know and it was something I did in a instant without thinking! THANX


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