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WORK: REZ, first page of comic script

Almost done with the script of a project I’m working called REZ, a supernatural Detective story that covers some religious and life views while at it. Hope to have an artist soon for it (still looking) and have the first issue out in the fall, but let me see. This is the first comic I write, that is just writing. Taking the hands off the sterring wheel a little… well sorta….

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 5.30.26 PM

(Yes I see the spelling errors, this is the raw script)

I wanted to share this just to hear initial reactions, and to just get a bit of it out of my system, since I’m excited for this. Being my first foray into just writing a comic, I’m a little apprehensive, but thrilled to do it.


8 thoughts on “WORK: REZ, first page of comic script

  1. That’s like a rawer version of Justified! Also, how do you convey that a room is dark? Do you like, color everything black, or work with shadows? I never get it right when I want to create that atmosphere.


    1. It depends, like this is a really rough bit of script, but for me, I will sketch out, and even take reference pictures to it right. You could have black walls with silhouette’s of the linds or peoples shapes to recognize a dark room, and maybe only one strak source of light


      1. Hmm I can see that. Looking at pictures isn’t a bad idea, but I often have a hard time to go from reality, and the different colors that are in the shadows, to a cartoon version. I used to be superinto art back when I was in art school, and I looked at so much ex- or post-impressionism that I can often only see the blocks of color separately. Like here; every shadow has another color, and the colors dominate the scene. It’s hard to find ways to go to a more toned down, atmospheric drawing. Am I making sense? You seem to do all of that very naturally, that’s really cool. Your art looks like it’s a part of you, effortlessly pulled out of your fingers. Cool as fuck, never stop!


  2. Is that your work? it’s good. I don’t think ANYTHING came naturally, alot of it is just HOURS of work, maybe if I was more talented it would have come easier but a lot of it is trial and error. It’s the pursuit of that which makes it fun and still enjoyable


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