SKETCHBOOK: Markers sketch and Dwarven Pariah

FWACATA Sketchbook 228For those of you who remember 2nd Edition AD&D, the handbooks were some of the awesome bits of creative kindling you could read at the time. Between the bits about the cultures and the ways of certain races in D&D, it was also the concepts that seemed to sprout from reading them, I loved the most. Besides the Halfling book, the Complete Book of Dwarves was inspiring in any approach to making a fantasy culture. Within it I found the one Character Kit, I loved the most: the Dwarven PARIAH.  The idea of it made such a great character:

A Pariah is a priest who has left his stronghold, either voluntarily or under pressure. His practice of religion was so repulsive that other dwarves expelled him. He will often worship gods of an evil alignment, but may worship chaotic good or chaotic neutral gods.
Pariahs may be priests who have turned to one of the darker gods of a pantheon, or he may be part of a group of Pariahs, within or on the fringes of dwarf society. Priests from evil strongholds are usually pariahs

I was just imaging a dwarf who may worship Boccob, the god of Magic, and how queer he would be to others Dwarves for that, and to players overall. This odd hairy Dwarf, gallivanting around collecting magic items and information, so making himself a better sorcerer and such. I could write a whole story behind that…

…wait … maybe I WILL

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