SKETCHBOOK: Mike and Ralphael, TMNT re-designs

FWACATA Sketchbook 239More Re-design sketches I did a while back. Like I said before on the Donatello piece, I wanted to show the personalities of the turtles a bit more. Originally  there was the idea of the costumes doing that, but found that it was better for them to subtly different physically too. Raphael, being more hard edged and a scrapper, would become scarred up and even have bullet wounds, and he would hunch over from all his pain. he would still be a powerhouse, but he’s more punisher than Ninja turtle now, and may even take carrying a gun. Leonardo would be in black, almost in Morning ( I’ll show that later) sort of dwelling in his failings as a leader for the group  or perceived failings he may have had, while Michelangelo would sport the original costume, almost like time just passed him by.

I was also making the excuse to buy all the new re-issues of the original figures at the time, because I have a ninja turtle shaped hole in me that can only be filled by chinese plastic.

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