WALL TO WALL AWESOME: Nick Gazin’s Comic Book Love-In

I looooooove Nick Gazin’s Comic Book Love-In , I try to catch it every time it comes out. Not only is it funny, but what he picks are very solid.

Solid, because for one thing, because he genuinely loves (or hates) the project or book or whatever. He has that stripe of nerd and cool guy that make sit underground and hip. I know that last sentence was douche- y, yes, but how else to explain it?

I always wanted to do a review column like this, but never have the time. I read tons of stuff, good and bad, and feel like I should get the word out on certain projects. i’ve even picked up stuff at cons I would love to show off, because they deserve attention. Then again  I feel that as a creator, it’s odd to be a reviewer/critic also, like your crossing a line or something.

Either way, check out and become a fan of Nick Gazin’s column on VICE, you’ll find some true gold there….. and your wallet getting skinny


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