Remember when he was the asshole from Fashionably Male?

I really don’t have a strong opinion one way or another, I think he’s done a marvelous job with his last couple of films and he’s growing as an actor and as a person. Wil Wheaton being a dickhole and just giving shit over crap movies like Gigli and Daredevil (which sucked because of direction, more than anything) irks the shit out of me, because what the fuck has he done? Hey I dig Tabletop as a web show, but not since Wesley Crusher does anybody really give a shit.
I would more on the watch of what Warner Bros does and the director, being weary on that end. It makes sense though, they need a Robert Downey Jr. to sort of act as the center, the lightning rod if they wish to go onto a Justice League movie. This is all watch and see until then, but until then, hey, you’ve got my interest now lets see if you get my money!


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