SUPPORT: NO SLEEP TILL….. NYCC Kickstarter Campaign on Kickstarter!

NO SLEEP TILL….. NYCC Kickstarter Campaign by Juan Navarro — Kickstarter

Creature Entertainment and Cosmic Times, two independent Comic Publishers from South Florida are joining forces and need your help to get to NYCC and show the world what we can do! HOW? WITH OUR IMMENSE PRINT COPY TOME of our huge “NO SLEEP TILL….” anthology book, collecting the best stories over the year from both CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT and COSMIC TIMES, with over 100+ pages of work!

I ask all of you who enjoy my blog, like the work and all that to please consider giving a pledge. Besides getting some ridiculously good deals, you’ll also be helping support a myriad or artist and storytellers get closer to independent publishing and getting the word out, me being one of them ! Even if you live far, you can get digital download for dirt cheap on here!

Thanks, if you can’t give then TWEET! REPOST! SCREAM ABOUT IT! Any bit really helps! THANKS!

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