Wanting it.

Tired as hell, eyes burning, I feel my stomach slaughtering the shitty piece of fast good I just ate, while my tongue flicks away the last bit off my teeth. Poor shitty corporate meat didn’t have a chance with my stomach acids, it got jumped by a dark alley orphan gang, all young hateful muscle and sinew, honed on the street, jumping it hard as soon as it past the duodenum. In the end, it’ll win though, when it spread some GMO perverted DNA sequence in me somewhere.  A little bit of heart burn comes up, and feeling the itch for a cigarette. I waited too long. I was starving and not wanting to cook anything, coupled with my general laziness to anything outside of comics, well… just didn’t help.

I have to have a cigarette soon.

Music plays in the other room, and the woman who was crazy enough to hitch her wagon to me is working on her own thing. I’ve just finished writing something I hope sees some screen time some where. Submitted it on bended knee with sneering canines. I try to stay humble, but I think it was a bit of genius.

Who knows.

I wouldn’t mind being forgotten but then remembered again. That could be cool. Phone blurts out text and e-mails for tomorrow’s events and plans, and I’m still not over today. Getting my head ready for shave, shit, shower, and sleep

Need to shower, feel greasy.

There is so much to this. So much more. And in finding it, I think is where the progress is. I don’t want to says “it’s the journey” because people have cheapened it so hard, it doesn’t make a sound anymore. No, it’s close though. Doesn’t mean you (or I) understand it, or know it, but it’s the truth. And isn’t that all truth?

Yeah, definitely need a cigarette.

In this ever closing vice we call life, I’m in the right place. Maybe not the right time,  I’m slowly getting weary of that, but the right place. Now I need to  get off my soul for a bit and let it rest, tomorrow its all baseball bats and boot heels, it seems.


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