NO SLEEP TILL….. NYCC Kickstarter Campaign by Juan Navarro — Kickstarter.

So I haven’t posted these past few days due to my time, patience and part of my spirit being taken in by the Kickstarter we’re doing to get to New York. Now on this final day I have twisted sense of relief and apprehension. Yes this will be over, but also, by such a small margin, with hopefully nobody else pulling out at the last minute. 

Till then I’ll keep my head down.

And oh do you think I was going to have a breather after all this? HELLS NO. This weekend I have to put together 3 books for NYCC to go to the printer Monday. Look at it this way every time I look at the calendar, I poop. Just a little, not a lot, but just enough to make this experience that much worse.


Oh, Comics….

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