FWACATA Sketchbook 2013 Selfie

Back from the grave, so to speak. Will be working on the blog today, mostly uploading scanning, uploading scanning…

I need to find a way to automate all this. Maybe get an intern.

Lots going on as always. Scouting later today for a possible feature film, pushing to direct it. Help in the writing too. Starting to form an interesting and cohesive team of filmmakers. Also have the comic plate spinning too, at least 5 new books for the new year, return of a couple of series, and new projects also.

Couple of kickstarters for next year.

Some badass cons too.

So yeah these two weeks since NYCC were just for that, decompress and meditate on our plans.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to yell at the scanner and drink coffee for the rest of the day.


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