Doing sketch covers…

Lately at the cons, I have started doing sketch covers, mostly Creature Sketch covers like for RAVENOUS and ZOMBIE YEARS but also started doing covers of others books like these:

Drew Rick from the WALKING DEAD and Frank form ZOMBIE YEARS on the same cover, first time EVER for a fan.

IMG_3529 IMG_3558 IMG_3559 IMG_3563 IMG_3564 Ravenous Sketch Cover 001

I’m working on some new ones, they are fun to do, but with acrylics and markers and FUN. Some of the ones I see at cons just look like people jumping through hoops to be at MARVEL. Currently selling two that were never picked up from a while back on EBAY, the WOLVERINE one and a RAVENOUS one, so please feel free to line my pockets so I can do more cool stuff. THANKS.


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