FWACATA-Sketchbook-308My favorite turtle of the Ninja variety:

A. He’s the smart techie one
B. He has a bo staff, which is the most versatile of the weapons.
C. Purple is a cool color

You really don’t need more reasons than that to favor a Ninja Turtle.

I drew ninja turtles for a week ( which you will see) for a short story I wanted to pitch, and also a weird tribute comic I wanted to do for it, and started me thinking: the magic of the turtles is just the simplicity of it with the oddness of it. It’s the simple good versus evil, of any toy line or cartoon of the 80’s: you got a set of Villains, a set of Heroes, they fight, bam. Then you have the ninja factor, which yeah fucking wins every time. Then, Mutant Turtles seals the deal. It was just perfect, it was a gleaming awesome idea. AND IF YOU READ THE ORIGINAL SERIES? Awesome.


2 responses to “SKETCHBOOK: Donatello”

  1. JoelF Avatar

    This is cool. love this.


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