Leonardo, to me,  was the blandest of the turtles, seemingly a cookie cutter tragic figure. One storyline that always seems to pop up, which is actually becoming interesting and coming to head in the recent IDW series of TMNT “CITY FALL” is the idea of the weight of being the leader of the turtles. And yes it’s interesting, that for sure, but the ongoing “suffering” constantly at hands for this has dragged on for too many years and too many different series and arcs. It seems like it’s being finally confronted and used now, but before that it was just the biggest mope fest at times that dragged on for a while. i think if it wasn’t for the fact that it had been approached and addressed time after time, and they allowed him to progress into being the true Ninja Warrior he was, allowing him to rise to a sensei or something more, it could be interest then. But I never dug the goody two shoes character of Leo for long.


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