SKETCHBOOK: Gloomy Gus over here…

FWACATA-Sketchbook-322 I don’t remember if this was from a photo or just messing with Lithographic crayons again, but this was drawing with different material on gesso, and seeing how it reacted. Like the red is a DESIGN ART MARKER I drew with and it soaked the marker in a way that was pretty cool. I’m also tempted to do a comic using just lithograph pencil and water, with some charcoal, but I would need some space and time to make a mess to make it happen. Would love to set up for a 24 hours Comic Day like that and see if it can be done. Experiment, experiment, experiment!


  1. Yeah I just want to see about using other implements to give more feel. I’m also considering Charcoal and gesso for some work, but would call to make the drawings larger, scan and piece together later.


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