FWACATA-Sketchbook-324You may have seen many of my post on a Steampunk story I’m working on called Kuriouser & Kuriouser before, but it’s historically based and has proven to be a pain in the ass, writing wise. I found out the hard way,  if you’re going to write speculative alternate history stuff, you need the facts and screw the dates, at least it’s proving to me.

So at one point I thought of just merging it with the Fantasy book I was messing with, Dragonbreath, and being done with it, using it was as my playground for heavy fantasy and steampunk works with modern sensibilities. It proved to be entertaining but ended up watering down both books and the power of them.

Still though I was digging what was coming up for both, and now pulling them back apart i have new ideas for it. I maybe just write both series, having done 1 issue of each already, but with upcoming projects, this may not see the light till 2015.

The drawing above was the mix of Ridlee and Vincent Kuriouser, as a mage/artificer of sorts. I dug the idea and but saw that both had such great identities on their own, it made me want to come back to their proper selves.


2 responses to “SKETCHBOOK: KURIOUSER & KURIOUSER – Ridlee Kuriouser”

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