Of all the characters that came from trying to merge these two books, that DID NOT CHANGE, it was Mermoz Guiliamet. He was a character from my D&D days ( originally a Ranger/Thief I think) and use the name MERMOZ for a username on anything I play online.

I always liked the idea of punk rocker in D&D. After all the chivalry and bullshit, it wa since ot have just one guy give the finger, and then shank you for sneak attack damage. Thats why I modeled Mermoz after Iggy pop in his lankiness and his overall look, and then just muscled him up. He’s that quintessential Fighter/Mage/Thief class, but not good at anything/ His saving grace is his hardheaded insanity and his heart of Gold Daggers.

He was to be a childhood friend to the Kuriousers, where they’re high headed ideas and inventions couldn’t do the work, Mermoz would make with the staby-stabby to get them there. He would also be the social conscious of the group, be a rousing boozer and gambler, he would also be the first to give a pence to a starving family. In a Industrial Revolutionary world filled with magic, he would be an inner city Robin Hood, though his own take would be a bit bigger.




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