FWACATA-Sketchbook-327TORA is the opposite of Mermoz, and changes the most in each of her iterations. In the end she is always the no-nonsense warrior girl, with a sharp grin and a sharp sword, but also an exotic dancer and reader of books. She was to bring balance to the whole cast, and also be the mega kick ass cavalry is need be. Her design, her look, changes constantly and I’m always thinking of new ways to present her. Here though I feel like I’m close, and now that when I start Dragonbreath again, I think she may stay the way she is.


2 responses to “SKETCHBOOK: KURIOUSER and KURIOUSER – Tora Strongwaters”

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    […] rendition of the this DragonBreath Character, Tora, the Dancer Berzerker, this time with an odd helmet design. I liked the checkerboard pattern […]


  2. SKETCHBOOK: TORA, portrait | FWACATA Blog! Avatar

    […] drawn Tora before (here and here), the eccentric warrior of the core DRAGONBREATH group, so this was an attempt to sort of finish […]


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