This is sure as hell isn’t my best Elektra, but I was messing with idea of how to present her and show her, the basic look, movement, costume. etc.

Again I wanted to mess with the idea of Elektra and her combat telepathy being used, and fighting Shredder, which I mention before, but also a scene of fighting Splinter, and finding the same one-ness of movement and ability coming at her but graceful and peaceful and maybe finding a glimpse of something she never knew she wanted. She would still win, I was even thinking of maybe a Foot Soldier helps, interferes and allows her to win, but in her rage of cheating for her victory, kills the Foot soldier.

This would lead to a fight with the turtles and seeing they can’t win individually, but fighting in a group and her telepathy seeing the same grace in Splinter, and the same Ferocity of Shredder within the Turtles themselves and they’re technique. 

At least that’s the plan!

BTW sorry for missing some posts but i have been up to my neck in work and holiday crap that it was hard to come back and put away some more pages on here. 

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